Custom Shades

Shade taking is essential to recreate esthetics of patient's natural dentition and provide them with a smile that looks natural and unique. We are one of few laboratories that use Ivoclar SNA Shade guide where stump shade, thickness of the restoration and patient's color taken by a camera determine the best solution for each individual case.


* Appointments take approximately 15 minutes where pictures are taken and shade is determined utilizing shade guides.
* Make sure that you do not bleach your teeth at least 2 weeks prior to your shade guide appointment
* Your shade guide appointment should be at least 24 hours after your visit to your dentist given that your teeth will be dehydrated and which causes them to change color.
* Prosthetic work done for you does not react on bleaching solutions and will always stay the same color, so we recommend that you complete all the bleaching prior to your final restoration, following above guidelines.


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